Certain Learners Seeing 404 Page not Found Error on certain modules

I am having this issue on my Open Edx instance. When I view a course as specific users, then certain pages and modules return a 404 not found error: https://ibb.co/cTmF1r6 (SS)

The problem is that it is only happening to specif learners. The pages and modules seem to be visible to all learners and staff in Studio. I checked in the Django admin panel, none of these specif users seem to have extraneous settings. I added a new non-admin user, and the settings seem to be the same on inspection.

What can I do to find out more about this issue? Has anyone had a similar experience? Any suggestions on what might be up? We would appreciate the help. This is affecting live students at the moment. They have a limited time to complete the course before they go back to school.

Thanks, I will be happy to provide any information you may need.


Hi @TumoNM,

That’s really odd! Do you have access to the logs on your Open edX server? Several of the places in the code log messages for 404 errors, which might give some clue. There’s a lot of places that raise 404 errors though, so it’s hard to pin down specifically what’s happening here without more information.

Are cohorts enabled for your course? These can be used to restrict access for users to certain course content. There’s several other ways to restrict access to course content, see Controlling Content Visibility and Access.

I also noticed from your site that you have two versions of the course, one from 2018, and one from 2019. Is it possible that these learners are getting these 404 errors are enrolled in the 2018 course, but not the 2019 one? You can check the enrolled learners list from the Instructor Dashboard.

Another gotcha happens if course content contains links to other sections in the course. Sometimes these links break when the content is copied to a new course, because the links reference the old course pages. But I did a quick scan through your course content and didn’t see any links like this, just PDF links which were working fine… so just raising this in case it helps!

Cheers, and best of luck tracking this down!

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