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I have installed Open edX using the native install on Ubuntu 16.04 guide. I then created a superuser account and used that account to create some courses. But now I find that when I’m not logged in, or logged in as a student, and I click a course, and I’m taken to the course’s about page, I get a Page not found error. The same is true for the Demo course created by default in my edX installation. I’m unable to view it’s About page as well.

I have found this topic on this site regarding a similar issue and I have followed the steps detailed there to set DEBUG_ACCESS = True in courseware/ . But I am unable to find anything in the log files. I’m also unable to find the right log file to look at. Should I look at /edx/var/log/lms/edx.log and /edx/var/log/cms/edx.log. or should I be looking at log files inside /edx/var/log/supervisor/ ?

Can someone guide me and help me troubleshoot this issue and figure out whats wrong with my configuration?


Hi Arun,

Few things to check.

Is the course published ? Check for the dates. If date is in future, this problem can occur.

Is course accessible to all ? You can check that in Advance settings.

Another common cause for this is that the value of LMS_BASE and PREVIEW_LMS_BASE might be same. Alter them and it should work for you.

Hi Chintan,
The course dates were fine, I had setup course enrollment for earlier this month. The problem was with LMS_BASE and PREVIEW_LMS_BASE. I tried looking it up online but I was not able to find any information on what I should set PREVIEW_LMS_BASE to. So I changed it to the EDXAPP_CMS_BASE from my config.yaml in the open edX install step. So my LMS is now at and CMS was supposed to be at But after changing PREVIEW_LMS_BASE to another value, the course is now visible to students and others who are not logged in.
Is this value for PREVIEW_LMS_BASE correct?
Thanks for your help!


Hi, Arun,

Yes, the key thing is that there needs to be some difference in PREVIEW_LMS_BASE and LMS_BASE

for eg :


Does have to exist? I mean should i create a DNS entry for it, what about nginx entries. What should it point to?

It is not a must. Don’t worry if it’s not there. If it’s there well and good, but no issues if it’s not there.

That setting is only used from studio to lms redirection as far as I know.

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