Certificates - no images like signature or logos are showing up on generated certificates + does not fit on regular A4 paper? Etc…

I have some questions I am hoping someone has answers to. I hva found some posts here about these issues, but they have been closed without resolving the issues

  1. Images like signatures are not showing up. Certificate only shows a question mark indicating that sign-file is not found?

  2. Certificate does not fit a standard pape size? If A4 is chosen it prints on two pages? Why?

  3. How can I set up custom certificates for courses that need extra info in certificate? We have a couple of courses funded by the EU – they require a Founder Info. thing. How can I set up a custom cert. for these courses?

  4. Multiple institutions – multiple logos on one certificate? How?

  5. Where do I go to customise or find template code. In admin I only find a json-thing, but that does not let me customise the look and feel of certificate as far as I can see.

Thanks to anyone who can enlighten the issues for me :slight_smile:


  1. First make sure that your theme is not overridding the native certificate template. If it does, it may explain why it can’t find the signature image that you’ve set in studio. Start without overridding the certificate, then add the native template to your theme, make sure it works and then edit it.
  2. Here’s when you’ll need to edit the native scss files and add them to your theme. The native scss is not great, you’ll have to reduce paddings, margins, texts and/or images sizes to make the certificate print properly on a single page.
  3. You’ll need to add stuff to the lms django-admin:
    -html template specific for an organization or a course (you’ll still need to tell the system what organization the course belongs to) (youropenedx.com/admin/certificates/certificatetemplate/), you need to add the code for the whole certificate page starting with edx-platform/valid.html at master · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub and all its dependency
  4. See point 3 - any extra logos (or special css) used in the template should be added to (youropenedx.com/admin/certificates/certificatetemplateasset/) and then referred to in the custom template
  5. edx-platform/lms/templates/certificates at master · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub
    edx-platform/lms/static/certificates at master · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub

Hope this helps !

Hi David. Thank you very much for your answer. I’ll go through it all, and see if I get the results I am looking for.