Change the subject of the body section

I have changed the footer, but it seems that I haven’t changed the main part of the document. For example, I want to remove the pop-up box and put the search box in the header. What should I do? Thank you for your reply

Hi @hijulien-gan!
The popup is in index_overlay.html. You can override this file in your theme and try to put the code there.
Let us know if you succeed!

Yes, I have seen this file and made some modifications, but I can only change these single times. I can’t cancel the pop-up effect. I don’t want the pop-up effect. I just want to put the search box in the right place

If I’m not wrong, the pop-up effect is configured in the title class. You can try to override this file and remove the transition there.

Yes, thank you. I have solved this problem

Great news! Would you share your solution and what it looks like now?

OK, with pleasure. I found the source code on GitHub, and then made changes by referring to Stanford and indigo.