Course organization name

I face a very strange problem.

I have set the organization name in advance setting and this name overrides on dashboard the name I set whet I created the course but on the search page the name doesn’t be overridden (see the picture)! Why?

Image 030

I have searched this issue more and I have found that both pages (index and courseware/courses.html) finally include the same page, /course.html, inserting the following code

<h2 class=“course-name”>
<span class=“course-organization”>${course.display_org_with_default}
<span class=“course-code”>${course.display_number_with_default}
<span class=“course-title”>${course.display_name_with_default}

Inspecting the live code I found that the index.html has this section
<article class=“course” id=“${}” role=“region” aria-label=“${course.display_name_with_default}”> which is the same as the section from /course.html.

Inspecting the code of the course search page (courseware/courses.html) I found that this section is a little different <article class=“course” role=“region” aria-label=“${course.display_name_with_default}”>, there is no id.

Why? Any help?