Changes in sass files not reflected in platform

Hello everyonr,
I’ve been trying to customize Tutor Indigo for basic styling such as width, height, and colors by making changes to the SCSS file. While inline styling works fine, the changes I make in the SCSS file aren’t reflected on the platform. I’ve consulted the documentation and various discussions, and they suggested modifying the _extra.scss file, but I’m still unable to see the changes. Can anyone offer advice on how to troubleshoot this issue?

SASS need to be compiled to CSS.
I don’t use indigo but have you rebuilt or run any command to compile SCSS?
Also try to relaunch and clear caches.

thank you for the reply . I tried running commands like tutor config save and tutor images build openedx to build docker images as mentionedin documentation. Am i missing something?

Hi @Jenish_Sambahamphe

I think it is not necessary to run tutor config save. Make the changes in the file _extra.scss, run tutor images build openedx then tutor local start -d