Theme Development Walkthrough

Quick question, anyone have a links for some solid resource for learning custom theme development? I just got our instance installed, configured, and running on an AWS EC2. While our course creators get to work, I’d like to start working on our own custom theme. Any resources or links to previous threads that can help my get a good foundation for that would be greatly appreciated.

Are you talking about the MFE theming or creating a custom tutor theme with plugin? For MFE related theming, you can customise the different MFEs and use those and for creating custom tutor theme with plugins, maybe you could start from the indigo theme plugin, customise it and use it for your platform. Feel free to ask if you have any doubts!

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Yes, that is exactly what I’m currently trying to do - start with tutor indigo and make my own theme plugin. I’m currently stuck trying to figure out how to get the sass to recompile into css using watchthemes command on my local dev instance. My full explanation of the problem I am having is here: Tutor Themewatch error

@zameel7 I’ve been working through this for a number of days now. Making some progress, but still a bit of a way off. I’m attempting to start with the indigo theme plugin and customize it. I’ve got the theme installed properly, but no matter what I try I can’t seem to get changes to the theme to reflect on the dev server and the watchthemes command crashes every time. I’m not entirely sure if I’ve got a configuration problem that’s preventing me from modifying the indigo theme or I’m just going about making modifications the entirely wrong way.

What I had done was, I make changes to the tutor-indigo-plugin and then re-install that with the new changes.
I think @rafeeh-blend might be able to help you in this.

Yes this what I had done. I forked/cloned the openedx brand, updated the tutor-indigo plugin to point to my forked repo (per these docs: GitHub - overhangio/tutor-indigo: An elegant, customizable theme for Open edX ), then refactored a copy of the tutor-indigo plugin, and then installed the new plugin. This managed to implement some changes to the theme, but not all. And when I make further changes to the theme css, they don’t update to the dev server. This is where I’ve been stuck for a couple days.

Sorry for the late response, @Ryan_Radwanski. Can you give me a step-by-step breakdown of everything you’ve done so far, including the commands you’ve used? It’ll help me understand better and provide more targeted next-steps.