Cheap Video Transcoding option for Open edX

Hi All,
I have found a very cheap video CDN which will free transcode videos very cheap video hosting (
We can get HLS , Dash, Direct Play url and Embedded code for the same video.
In their Player features like speed control and resolutions control and chapter markers.
I am writing this article for community maybe someone needed that type of service they

But they have few limitations

  1. They can transcode in H.264 Videos. So video size little bit more. majority of devices support this transcoding method.
  2. They have limited DRM support.

There is another alternative for this is This is a very impressive service for video transcoding and very cheap they can handle any type of transcoding like H.264, H.265 and AV1(Not sure about it) they support DRM.

Note: I have used their service I only share this article for information of community. I have not take any financial or any other benefits from these companies or i am not representing any of these company


I’m working on a DIY transcoding, as backend to my video upload plugin. DIY transcoding for HLS, putting back the resulting URL into edX using the VAL API.

Hi Insad,
You are doing a great thing then i am requesting you please integrate because it is DIY Transcoding at very cheap with DRM solution Transcoding is not a big deal the biggest challenge we all have is security of the content. From Coconut we can take our content with DRM and deliver it.
If you think cheap solution then I suggest we all have to use because they are offering free transcoding in to many format with DRM and they only charge for video storage and bandwidth of delivering that video. so will be way cheaper then our DIY solution. why Because we need good system config for transcoding video , we also have to manage our DIY transcoding system and then we need storage to store videos and we need cdn for delivery the video they are doing all this on the go so it will save us time and money.

So sorry I don’t want to offend you but I have done some research before putting this tutorial.

I’m going to do transcoding with ffmpeg on my own servers, will not rely on third party at all. And at a later moment we’ll be doing transcription spanish (speech to text) probably with Vosk, also on our own servers.