How to hide YouTube videos URL?

Hi all,

I am currently building a course on an Open edX platform and I was wondering whether it is possible to hide the URL of YouTube Videos to students? According to the documentation “To help course teams protect video assets, the edX video player hides video URLs by default. This functionality is in effect for all video files, including YouTube videos and videos that are hosted in other locations.” but when I right click on the video as a student, I can copy the URL of the video.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @RonanFR,

You are referring to outdated documentation (it is for cypress release).

The YouTube API does not allow to hide the video URL anymore, it has been the case for a long while.

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Thanks for pointing this out @jramnai

Thanks for your reply @vincent.laberge

If you want to hide your file, you should think about hosting it on an Amazon server or another equivalent cloud service.

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Hi @RonanFR. This is a known issue and I used Wistia platform for hosting the videos. I recommend wistia because it not only solves the problem of hiding platform url, it also allows for custom branding of the media player under a nominal price umbrella.

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