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we are working to expand our courses with live sessions, where students would follow a prepared syllabus divided into sub-steps and after each step they should confirm whether they have succeeded in the step or if they have a problem with something and need help (possibility to upload file + notes). I worked at Moodle for a long time, but now I would need to find such a feature for OpenEDX. May I ask if you have encountered anything like this, if you can advise what would be similar to that? Teacher then have a list of students and topics in overview with Green (OK state) or Red (something went wrong).

The second feature I would glad to find is the ability to comment live and collaborate on the video. Imagine a video file where you can add a comment or even annotate a video on the timeline to collaborate with other students in a real time.

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As Open edX® was originally geared towards MOOCs (a scalable use case), some of these types of advanced smaller classroom features do not exist in a standard Open edX® installation but should rather be a plugin or custom development.

You can check out all the features and extensions here:

(1) Section Feedback:

Is it possible to get a link to the Moodle feature so I can check it our in more detail?

(2) Video Annotation:

Check out the annotation tool: 10.3. Annotation Problem — Building and Running an edX Course documentation

I’m unaware of such a video collaboration tool existing in Open edX®. Regardless, videos are not (usually) hosted in the Open edX platform but rather hosted in 3rd party sites like YouTube or Vimeo and embedded in the Open edX® course. If your third party video hosting provider offers those kinds of tools, perhaps they’ll work in the course too.

Hello @veratec

the kind of video interactions you are asking for can be delivered with a third party tool call Annoto.

check them out:

I believe there is also an upcoming webminar organized from the Open edX marketing working group to present their tool . stay tuned. :slight_smile:

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