Using open edX to support offline learning

Hi open edX community!
This is Lukas from Green Steps. We do experiential environmental education, and in our curriculum, students can gradually become teachers of activities or full-fledged nature guides. We aim to empower communities to use our curriculum to bring people back to the nature, learn together and offline.

Therefore we are in a need for system, in which users can (mainly):

  • put in all our activities and classes (think of a nature walk; emergency first response class; pedagogy class) -> close to event management
  • have a clear overview of who has finished what ( -> progress/competency tracking)
  • motivate people to learn more, together and offline, by gamifying their progress, and providing social features

Most LMS that I found, including open edX, are focusing mainly on e-learning. However, I like the open development and diversity in the open edX project, together with the stack it is in (Django, React).

Would you say open edX is a good base for the functionality we are looking for? The very basics we are looking for is clear competence tracking (clear view of what the user has already completed to accommodate observe -> assist -> lead model), event ( = course in edX terminology) management -> calendar feature, what’s happening around me.

If you know about some extensions/xblocks, that could be interesting for us, please let me know!

I’m continuing to play with open edX meanwhile, researching other solutions, and hoping to become part of open edX development community soon :slight_smile: