CMS Loging stopped working after changing hostname

Dear all,

I recently made a brand new installation of OpenEdx Ironwood following the instruction at Native Open edX Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit Installation.
I was able to make my installation work, but when I tried to change the default cms configuration from listening on port 18010 moving to a new hostname in the same server, the cms doesn’t log any user anymore. As soon as I provide the credentials for the user, I got logged to the LMS, but when I navigate back to the cms, it shows me the home page instead of the dashboard.

I changed the variables LMS_BASE, CMS_BASE and SITE_NAME to the correct values in files lms.env.json and cms.env.json. I also added SSL configuration to lms and cms nginx configuration.

I’m not able to see any error in the log files in /edx/var/log/cms and /edx/var/log/lms so any advice is very welcomed

Bests regards!

@santifdezmunoz welcome,are you saying when trying to log in to your CMS you are now being redirected to the LMS? if so try to check if this feature DISABLE_STUDIO_SSO_OVER_LMS flag is disabled

Thanks Terry,

The issue is that when I’m authenticated on the LMS I’m not redirected back to the CMS. Once I’m authenticated on the LMS if I navigate to the CMS it appears as not authenticated.

If I leave everything published under the same hostname listening on different ports (default configuration) everything works ok. If I enable the SSL for that hostname, everything also works.