Configure Course Certificates

Hi edx community.
I’ve run into a problem configuring certificates for my openedx platform.
I’m running lilac using tutor.
I’m following the official docs from edx documentation and I want to use django-admin to add an HTML View Configuration in order to configure my certificate values such as logo url.
I’ve followed this section step by step but I fail to see any changes in my certificate ouput, as if setting the JSON with my custom values is not being applied at all. I wonder what am I missing. Is that document still relevant? The doc mentions “Make sure the mode name matches your course mode name exactly” but there’s no such thing as course mode name as far I can see in the course mode model. I just assumed certificate type is what that means, such as “honor” or “verified”.
Let me clarify that I’m able to change the certificate values through the override field in the advanced settings in studio, and I’m able to change the template as explained in this discussion. It’s setting the JSON in the HTML View Configuration model that seems to have no effect.

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