Customisation of certificates

Hi everyone
Looking for some guidance with regard to Certificates
I’ve looked at the readme file here:

I see it was last updated a year ago so unsure if this may have any new updates

So my real question is: is there a current up-to-date documentation describing how to add Certificates to Django/Tutor?
I’m using Tutor, version 16.1.0 with a modified copy of the indigo theme but Django has no menu option for Certificates as I’ve seen in most documentation.

Do I just need to copy all the files in:


into their respective folders in my modified indigo theme and rebuild? My end goal is to create customised certificates with own logos and tweaks since the default certs look very simple

hi @joel.edwards!
To customize certificates you must use comprehensive theming and edit the <theme home>/lms/templates/certificates/_accomplishment-rendering.html file. You can take the default file as starting point.

Or you can install our tutor-contrib-branding plugin and use the BRANDING_CERTIFICATE_HTML variable to set a custom HTML certificate.

At Aulasneo we have a solution to issue custom PDF certificates but currently it’s not open to the community.