Configure Open edX for devstack in vscode


Could anyone let me know how to configure devstack( using visual studio code? like how you run/debug the multiple containers.

If any documentation, please guide to the link.

Hi @camel11, do these existing threads help?

@camel11 I would definitely check out those articles that @braden mentions above. We recently include how to setup multiple devstacks for the Juniper release here

I recently switched from PyCharm to Visual Studio Code since I could not get the debugger working with later releases of Open edX. I would suggest looking at this article Tutorial: Attaching Visual Studio Code to Devstack LMS Container first with debugging. Please realize that this debugging configuration is still a work in progress solution for debugging and it does have it hick-ups, however, it does seem to work. I’ve grown accustomed to Visual Studio Code for it’s simplicity and speed too when compared with PyCharm debugging.

Hi @braden and @Zachary_Trabookis thanks for the links provided, I’ll check out these.