Pycharm Integration Open edX Devstack

Can someone help me integrate devstack to pycharm? I want to customize the edx-platform. I don’t quite understand this instruction:

  • DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=lms.envs.devstack_docker (or cms.envs.devstack_docker)
  • CONFIG_ROOT=/edx/app/edxapp
  • LMS_CFG=/edx/etc/lms.yml

which is the LMS_CFG is not available in edx-platform even if the CONFIG_ROOT

Also I’m having trouble in this documentation:

Tool Settings:

  • Program: make

which make is not available in Windows 10 (Note: I’m using Windows 10)

please help me with this

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Hi @VanJ and welcome. I cannot answer the question you asked, but I can say that Devstack is unsupported and untested in Windows. I know the developers I work with only use MacOS or Linux.

You can see in GitHub - openedx/devstack: Get up and running quickly to develop or extend Open edX services :

Docker for Windows may work but has not been tested and is not supported.

There is a README in that repo for Alpha Windows support, but the last edit was 4 years ago so it’s very out of date and I wouldn’t follow those instructions.

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Oh… that’s unfortunate. there’s no way I can integrate devstack to pycharm unless I’m using professional right? Also, the link you gave me said “Page not found”. Thank you

The correct link is GitHub - openedx/devstack: Get up and running quickly to develop or extend Open edX services

I don’t know if u can integrate devstack with Pycharm but you can start reading the information that Sarina sent.


Thank you @mafermazu for the correction and my apologies @VanJ for missing your reply.

I don’t use PyCharm so I am not sure about integrating devstack with it. Regardless I don’t know how it would work if you are on Windows.

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It’s okay. can you share how do you customize open edx? what are you using for deploying it locally? I only know Pycharm so I can deploy it locally then edit the code for me to customize, if you have andy documentation link how can I customize open edx, please kindly share. Thank you so much

@VanJ I think these are separate questions from your main post. I encourage you to search around these forums and documentation to first see if you can find answers that are applicable to you. If you cannot find answers, or only find partial/confusing answers, please make a new post and be as specific as possible with your questions.