Constructing LTI URL

Hi, I have deployed openedx bitnami version and Enabled LTI feature. I cunstructed LTI url like http://{host}/lti_provider/courses/{course id}/{usage Id}. But it is not working properly. when i open that link from our own LMS, it showed page does not exists. I also configured with consumer key and secret key. Anything else have I do?

@giovannicimolin can you lend a quick CC hand here?

As a sidenote, I think this section of the forum is more for sharing How-Tos, and not for requesting technical help. The Educators section would be better suited for this type of topic IMO.

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@gabrieldamours Ah, this is about the LTI provider functionality, which I don’t have a lot of context on.

I did find a lot of documentation that might be helpful though. I know that some setup is required, so before using the functionality make sure you followed the configuration steps described here: 4.21. Configuring an edX Instance as an LTI Tool Provider — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform documentation.

Then, follow the instructions on 12.6. Using Open edX as an LTI Tool Provider — Building and Running an Open edX Course documentation to use the LTI provider features.

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Hi @Suresh and welcome!

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