Open edX as an LTI Provider?

When I look at the current documentation on [12.6.1. Reusing Course Content with LTI — Building and Running an Open edX Course: Koa Release documentation](https://Reusing Course Content with LTI) I see the warning that “This feature was a closed pilot experiment. This feature is not supported for new users.”

Yes, some of our old archived courses can still be accessed through LTI by our Moodle instance for example, but it seems that new courses cannot be configured to be accessed through LTI.

I know that Open edX is planning to support LTI 1.3. Will it be only from the Consumer standpoint or also from the Provider standpoint?

From what I see in the Milestone Planning: LTI Advantage I seem to understand that the support will mostly be on the Consumer side?

Can anyone confirm? @marcotuts @nimisha @nedbat

Hey @sambapete,
I asked about this and got an answer. You may want to have a look.

The answer you got @mahyard is almost a non answer. I am clearly unable to create new courses in Open edX that can be used as LTI Provider. Were you able to?

Indeed we had a plan to use Open edX as an LTI provider but we have not started yet. perhaps we never start.

As I got from @arbrandes 's answer, there is no plan for deprecating the Open edX LTI Provider Module. I accepted it because recently they had efforts to add LTI 1.3 support to the Koa release (link) and I didn’t find any announcement about this deprecation on the Open edX official deprecation board.

So the warning message you mentioned seems to be talking about the LTI module (which is replaced by the xblock-lti-consumer). though I agree that it’s ambiguous and wrongly placed there.

I agree. And if the intention is to use the lti_provider Djangoapp for that purpose, it should be documented and the current section replaced. That’s why I tagged a few people from edX on my question. Thanks @mahyard for pointing out @arbrandes answer since I had not seen your question before posting mine.

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Quick clarification: most work currently being done on LTI (that I’m aware of) is specifically for the LTI consumer block. The LTI provider app is indeed stale.

However, I have heard noises about an upcoming LTI 1.3 provider implementation for blockstore-based Libraries v2 content (i.e., content added using the Library Authoring MFE). Stay tuned.

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Coming on this thread as I think it’s related to the status of the LTI provider.

I tried to use the lti_provider as documented here – unfortunatly I can’t find the LTI provider in the Django admin app.

My goal is to include some contents from OpenEdX in a Moodle instance.

Is ths LTI provider still maintained or used ?



Did you follow the instructions in 4.21. Configuring an edX Instance as an LTI Tool Provider — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform documentation in order to setup the LTI Provider functionality and run the migrations? This might explain why you don’t see the section in the Django admin app.

Hello @sambapete

Thanks for your reply. Yes I did:

root@sio:/edx/etc# ack ENABLE_LTI_PROVIDER



mysql> SELECT table_name FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_name like 'lti_provider%' AND table_schema='edxapp';
| table_name                    |
| lti_provider_gradedassignment |
| lti_provider_lticonsumer      |
| lti_provider_ltiuser          |
| lti_provider_outcomeservice   |
4 rows in set (0.00 sec)

I also did a full restart.

I’m not sure where can I look for debug informations though.



Hi All,

Just wondering, if the LTI Provider service has gone stale, what are people using to integrate OpenEdX hosted content into web applications? Does anyone have any tutorials or guides on how to play the content (specifically SCORM) in a web application and have that data (whether the course is completed, grades etc) put back into the OpenEdX instance and then creating a dashboard in the web application by pulling that same data out of OpenEdX?

Any help would be super greatly appreciated.

As mentioned elsewhere in the forum, we’re working on making Content Libraries v2 work as LTI 1.3 providers. Here’s the proposed ADR , and the current state of the implementation. It has been tested with Canvas, and there’s a PR to go along with it that adds the ability to import content from a modulestore course. There should be a Lilac backport soon, too.

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Thanks Adolfo, appreciate your reply. Appreciate that the LTI Provider service is not ready as yet, but am wondering how other people have integrated OpenEdX as the LMS for their Web Applications? ie do they use the API? Have they custom written code to play the content within their application? I just cant find any clear information on the best way to do this? Can you point me somewhere I might be able to find more information or if there is a tutorial or somethign.

Further to my response, if anyone has a tutorial or documentation on how to connect openendx as the backend platform to our web application using node.js and angular.js, happy to pay for the documentation. Feel free to DM me.