Core Contributor Sprint Retro - 21 January 2023 - 4 February 2023

Find the full report attached or in Listaflow for your convenience:

There have been 193.5 reported hours during this sprint compared to 486.25 in the previous sprint. Gathering this data is only one way to help monitor the success of the Core Contributors project.

Here’s a link to the community public calendar: Open edX Working Group Calendar

Is there anything where you could use help from others? Or that you would like to collaborate on? User
No calls for help this Sprint
Retrospective - What went well these last two weeks / sprint? User
Good progress on the formalization of the Large Instances Devops working group, and it was nice to be able to contribute to the talks selection for the conference! Interesting to see the proposals. Xavier Antoviaque
I enjoyed using Sessionize to evaluate talks, and the rubric that Sarina and Feanil proposed made it straightforward to rank them objectively.
Thank you to tCRIL for all the preparation you’re doing, and making it possible for us to contribute where we can!
Jill Vogel
Thanks to the monthly marketing event we got 4 new people from 4 new organizations to join the Test Team. Dean Jay Mathew
What did you accomplish in the last two weeks (aka “current sprint”)? (Optional) User
- Preparations for the creation of the Large instances DevOps subgroup - Draft definition & list steps Register the group as a formal working group - Discovery · Issue #12 · openedx/tutor-contrib-multi · GitHub
- Product working group - Discussions about PR review workflows & assignations PR Workflow Evaluation and Interventions [PR] · Issue #182 · openedx/platform-roadmap · GitHub
- Conference - Talks evaluation - Talk proposal reviews · Issue #86 · openedx/wg-community · GitHub
- Review PR Upstreaming Course - Remote Sprint W22 Community-maintained onboarding courses · Issue #11 · openedx/wg-community · GitHub
- Discussions & listing of repositories where triage rights are needed [GH Request] Access for Xavier Antoviaque · Issue #623 · openedx/tcril-engineering · GitHub
- Large Instances DevOps WG - tickets triage & follow-up Register the group as a formal working group - Discovery · Issue #12 · openedx/tutor-contrib-multi · GitHub
- Core sprints - Help answer retrospective questions Contributor's Meetup 2023-01-24 · Issue #85 · openedx/wg-community · GitHub
Xavier Antoviaque
- Attended half of the Product Working Group meeting (had to leave early for a dinner)
- Discussed the possibility of updating the WordPress theme on to make design updates easier
- Adding a banner image to the Join the Open edX Provider Network page on
Ali Hugo
-MWG Presentation
-Meetings of both groups
Ana Garcia
- Work on Modular MFE Domains discovery
- Reviews, lots of reviews
- frontend-template-application maintenance
- Accompanying work on Libraries v2 plugins
- Frontend working group project management
- Hosting FWG meetings
- Attending BTR, Contributor’s, and Mainteiners meetings
Adolfo R. Brandes
Work to support the following projects:

-Product Narrative
-Core Product
-PR Product Review Proposal
Jenna Makowski
- Evaluated talk proposals for the Open edX Conference 2023
- Attended the data working group meeting.
- Worked on Open Analytics Reference System (OARS): submitted tutor-contrib-clickhouse#1 and xapi-db-load#1 to load demo xAPI data into clickhouse, and worked on using this data in the tutor-contrib-superset plugin.
- Reviewed some ADRs for OARS
- Replied to Brian’s comments on the Data Use Cases spreadsheet
- Reviewed OSPR to backport openedx-filters hooks to Nutmeg, for the Open Source Masterclass project.
Jill Vogel
What will you work on for during the next two weeks / sprint? (Optional) User
- TOC Meeting (the first of 2023)
- Elections - Discuss improvements with TOC members
- Core sprints planning - Follow-up
- Product PR workflow discussions
- Core contributors scope - Follow-up on approval
- Large Instances DevOps WG - Attend meeting & follow-up WG formation
- Review forums: Internal & official
- Upstreaming course - Project management
- Contributors WG - Groom github board & tickets
Xavier Antoviaque
* Spike: Integrate Superset with Clickhouse storing xAPI events
* Preparing OARS talk for Open edX conference
Jill Vogel
Reviewing the list of Product PR’s and offering to review one or two. Ali Hugo
[2023-01-21 - 2023-02-04.pdf attachment](upload://6IvGFEyKvfi2pN3m5sHEhucIM9q.pdf) (27.4 KB)

That’s quite the drop! It looks like we had much fewer people reporting this sprint, maybe? I actually didn’t get the reminder emails this week - and @Dean tells me it’s the same for him. @Fox_Piacenti could you have a look?


And for easy reference, here is a summary of the retro items:

  • Talk proposal voting through Sessionize was appreciated! (@jill @antoviaque )
  • Showcasing the test team at the marketing event got new volunteers enrolling - something to replicate with other working groups? (@Dean )

As well as the work reported by core contributors:

  • DevOps: new subgroup being formed for large/multi instances
  • Issues triage:
    • allocation of permissions for some repos triage (thanks @sarina !)
    • establishing a standard “good-first-issue” label to tag issues for newcomers on github (@regis)
  • Design: work for improving added banner, proper theme discussions (@Ali)
  • Frontend: modular MFE domains, libraries v2, maintenance
  • Product: PR product reviews, product narrative & core product (@jmakowski )
  • Data: xAPI & superset support, Open Analytics Reference System (OARS) (@jill)
  • Upstreaming course: “Edit on gitlab” feature & last remote sprint merge request review (@jill, @antoviaque)
  • Reviews & project management (@arbrandes ) – including talk proposals reviews
  • Working group meetings

See also the discussion about the “community” working group btw: Community WG vs Core Contributors - #2 by antoviaque

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Already have-- I noticed yesterday that the reminders for our own checklist weren’t coming in. It seems like we weren’t copying over reminders from the last checkin after a refactor of some of the run generation code, and we might have interrupted the generation of new lists by running a deployment too close to the rollover. We’re looking into it now, but it should be resolved soon. MR in progress here. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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