Core Contributor Sprint Retro - 24 December 2022 - 07 January 2023

Find the full report attached or in Listaflow for your convenience:

There have been 168 hours reported during this sprint. Gathering this data is only one way to help monitor the success of the Core Contributors project.

Working Group meetings have got off to a great start in the new year with loads of attendees! Here’s a link to the community public calendar: Open edX Working Group Calendar

Is there anything where you could use help from others? Or that you would like to collaborate on? User
There were no calls for help during this sprint due to it being holidays for most people.
Retrospective - Improvements User
I was on leave for most of this sprint, but didn’t plan enough CC time into my remaining work week. Jill
Couldn’t find time to work on translations unfortunately Abderraouf Mehdi
Can you add Developer Experience Working Group as an option to this survey? Kyle McCormick
Retrospective - Blockers User
I wanted to join a working group. I need to figure out which working group to join, also the timing for the meet is a bit off for my timezone. I need to adapt to that. Farhaan
Retrospective - What went well these last two weeks / sprint? User
Good coordination with multiple developers. Peter Pinch
What did you accomplish in the last two weeks (aka “current sprint”)? (Optional) User
Merged a couple of back ports to fix a bug in olive, but mostly it was holidays. Peter Pinch
Mostly took time off. Upon return I did some reviews of PRs for events Felipe Montoya
I was able to work on a few tickets and work the hours, mostly on problem editor. Farhaan
* submitted talk proposal for Open edX con 2023
* scheduled an AMEA meetup for next week
* merged, deployed, and tested MR for Open Source Masterclass mobile site
Jill Vogel
Assisted with Listaflow needs, attended frontend working group Fox Piacenti
# DevExp WG
- Published TEP in the forum about improving build caching.
- Added issue about tutor’s shell autocompletion performance.
- Participated in some DevExp discussions.

# Translations WG
- Asked questions about publishing translations for the remaining MFEs on Transifex.
Abderraouf Mehdi
What will you work on for during the next two weeks / sprint? (Optional) User
Olive retro & starting to plan for palm release. I’d like to put some time into reading pull requests to encourage good commit messages. Peter Pinch
Being on standby as needed for Listaflow help, mostly. Fox Piacenti
# DevExp
- Adapting ptc-proxies into a tutor plugin.
- Applying TEP about build cache improvements to tutor core.
Abderraouf Mehdi
- Attend Open edX AMEA Meetup
- Attend Product Working Group Meeting
Ali Hugo
* Address review for Spike: Investigate Apache Superset Permissions #21
* Start working on Spike: Integrate Superset with Clickhouse storing xAPI events #26
* Meet w Brian from the data working group
Jill Vogel

compare-report.pdf (29.4 KB)


@Dean Thank you for the recap! We have done a recap of the work from the core sprints during the contributors meetup, and quickly brought up the following two points:

@Fox_Piacenti Could you look into this for the upcoming checkin?

@farhaanbukhsh Is there something specific you are looking for to decide on which working group to join, besides meeting times? On that topic, note that it’s often possible to participate async to working groups, by following the meeting videos and interacting via github, wiki, etc. It’s not always the easiest, but it’s actually good for the working groups to have some async contributors, it pushes to do more things async!

Also if you haven’t seen it yet, here is the page listing the groups and their descriptions:


Done! :slight_smile:

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ohh thanks for the help @antoviaque I didn’t know these meetings are recorded, where can I find the meeting videos?

I am very interested in Frontend-WG, Dev Experience and BTR. I have already added these meeting for now on my calendar so that I get reminded of them. :slight_smile:

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@farhaanbukhsh Good question, it’s probably something that would deserve to be listed on the working groups page I was giving above, but it isn’t currently.

For the BTR group I could find it there:

For the other ones, the best might be to ask the chairs of the working groups you’re interested in :slight_smile: (and maybe add the information to the working groups page in the wiki afterwards, this way others will find out more easily in the future?)

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I just put up the first DevExp meetup recording, thanks for the reminder! Going forward they’ll all be available under this page:


The frontend working group minutes and recordings can be found here:


Thanks a lot for all the help @antoviaque @arbrandes and @kmccormick. :slight_smile: