Course Catalog API & Enterprise Module

Hi All,

I’m trying to setup enterprise module. Tried to follow the setup mentioned in the documentation.

  1. Already setup up the Enterprise notification email template.
  2. Have setup Enterprise Customer and ernol the learners into it. During enterprise learner enrolment have choose option to notify learners.
  3. No notification was triggered to learners.

Logs prints the message as
"Course Catalog API returned nothing. Proceeding with enrollment, but notifications won't be sent"

Not sure as how to setup this Course Catalog API or debug/check the issue. In the documentation of Course Catalog , no information about how to setup the course Catalog api or how to configure it.

Tried checking on Enterprise Catalog Queries but the preview of it leads to this url http://localhost:8008/api/v1/search/all. Not sure what service supposed to be running on port number 8008. Can’t find any service in edX which needs to be started on port 8008. Tried to check discovery service but not sure whether it is related to Course Catalog API

Any pointer or help identifying the issue is appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

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Hi @Gaurav_Vijayvergia I start working with enterprise module and the think I found was that you have to set course catalog one service like the discovery. This endpoint that you are using is related to discovery?
Discovery is working catching your studio courses?