I'm trying to use the /course_discovery endpoint to retrieve a list of available courses on my Open edX platform, but it's not returning any courses

I’ve checked that the courses are published and visible to all users. Using the DevTools, on the Network tab, the /course_discovery endpoint gets called twice and they don’t return any courses as shown in the picture below.

I have checked for errors on the LMS, CMS, Discovery, and Elasticsearch service logs; none contain any errors. I tried searching for people who may already face this issue, and I found some occurrences. I tried solutions from this thread and this thread. None of the solutions worked for me. I even tried docker system prune, which cleared 43 GB of space, then repeated those solutions, and it still hasn’t worked.

@tutor-maintainers What could be causing this issue, and how can I troubleshoot it?"

@regis Do you have any input on this?