Course enrollment for Anonymous users

Open Edx by default implements the following enrollment flow as well as the user experience:

  1. Anonymous user find the desired Course
  2. He/she click on the Enroll button
  3. Alert message is presented proposing user to log-in or register provides a more user-friendly flow for the same use case:

  1. Anonymous user find the desired Course
  2. He/she click on the Enroll button
  3. User is being redirected to the registration page with the next parameter for the desired course’s enrollment action (

I’m wondering do we want to implement the same UX for the Open Edx.

How everybody feels - does the community need this?

P.S actually from Raccoon Gang - I receive bug reports from our testers about the default registration flow with references to the UX.

I’ve encountered this problem last time I upgraded from ironwood to juniper.
The current behaviour used by as you stated, was the same behaviour in open edx ironwood release.

I don’t know why the redirect to register/login behaviour was replaced by a simple error message.

All I did last time to solve the issue was to edit /lms/templates/courseware/course_about.html at the line after :

 else if (xhr.status == 403) {

and add back a redirect to register page :

 location.href = "${reverse('register_user') | n, js_escaped_string  }?course_id=${ | n, js_escaped_string }&enrollment_action=enroll";

Do you know in what commit the change was made? I’d be interested to understand what happened.

@nedbat I think this huge commit is where it started

Although the commit’s message is not related to the current course registration flow, these two lines were removed from course_about.html line 68

  } else if (xhr.status == 403) {
      location.href = "${reverse('register_user') | n, decode.utf8  }?course_id=${ | n, decode.utf8 }&enrollment_action=enroll";

It’d be really great to have this solved asap.

It makes sense to have it the way it was - an unregistered/anonymous or not signed in user gets redirected to register/sign in after clicking the “Enroll Now” button.