Wrong redirection after signing up to a course

When a user click to enroll a course on our site, it redirects to the homepage instead of into the course. We want to change that to improve our UX. How can we change this redirection?

Hi @Yaniv_Gershon,

Welcome to the community :slight_smile: Can you describe your issue with more detail? Perhaps with screenshots, or maybe you can point us to the URL of your site? If you click a course from the catalog, it should take you to the course’s page, and from there you can enroll (if enrollment is open).

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Hey @gabrieldamours , thank you very much for your response :slight_smile:

I am Yaniv, content writer and site manager of Madrasa, a non-profit organization that promotes learning of spoken Arabic in Israel.

Our site is in Hebrew. Our courses are managed with OpenEDX in our site. We have a number of technology issues that we want to solve. but we would like to start from the current issue that it is essential to the proper user experience of our users.

More details of the problem - A new user sign up to our site, then he want to enroll the course, he clicks “arabic beginners” and then he gets to the “about page” of the course with enrollment button, then he clicks on the button and return to the home page, then he has to click again on the course and then again on the button, they are a lot of clicks… We think it should be less… but we are having trouble customizing the system.

This is our site:

Thanks for the additional details @Yaniv_Gershon. It looks like you’re running a customized version of Open edX, correct? Open source software can be customized, but executing and maintaining customizations requires a lot of time and technical skills. The issues you’re experiencing would require the attention of someone with a technical background. Are you currently working with an Open edX provider? Open edX has a list of service partners that you can reach out to if you’re looking for technical support (I work for one of them, OpenCraft). This would be your best best, as they can look properly into your issues and provide technical advice. Maybe you could also have someone from your team (any IT staff at Madrasa?) come here and explain the issue from a technical perspective?

Thank you @gabrieldamours for you response :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late response, there were other issues I was dealing with.
Yes, we are running a customized version of Open edX, and we are not working with an Open edX provider. It is worth mentioning that we are a nonprofit and our resources are limited. I have technological knowledge in HTML, CSS, JS, Python, GIT and more and I manage the site regularly. We have in our team a programmer who understands Open EDX more but the number of hours he works with us is not much. The idea that we will get support from a company could be excellent for us as long as it is financially feasible.

As to the issue, at the moment our user experience on our site is unfriendly to our users, I think it is because we do not use Open EDX tools efficiently.
Our main goal is to reduce the number of clicks and pages a user has to go to courses.

I will write later in details what is happening right now and what we want it to be

Our Site

Sounds good @Yaniv_Gershon, and don’t hesitate if you need anything.