Course Mode Professional

I made the course in professional mode, how do I enroll student without paying?
I tried bulk enrollment, but student enroll as an audit, not professional
I used Edx Hawtorn

one solution you can think about is to change the user’s enrollment mode from the Django admin panel.

before that, you may need to enable the feature if you have not yet.
simply add and activate a new waffle switch with name: student.courseenrollment_admin


how do i activate the waffle switch?

i have activated on page /admin/waffle/switch/ and it works. Thanks

But, when i try change i get an error like this.

doesn’t look like a related issue. could you explain what values you’ve set? and when this error has been produced? (after what action)

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oh I’m sorry about that… i will try to explain…
i am trying to add course enrollment with the default value and then save. when I save, I get an error like the picture

then I check the lms log and it appears like the picture

I have never tried to add an enrollment there. but I have changed many enrollments. The enrollment process is very complicated and it would be better to be done from the studio or manually from the lms courses page. Then an administrator can change enrollment mode via the Course Enrollment.

I’ve tried changing one of the available data, and the result is the same

That problem was solved during this commit. you can either try to cherry-pick it or upgrade to a newer release of Open edX.

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Thank you, is work now.