Course enroll problem with user register but not active

Hi everyone,
Im a newbie using OPEN edX and i have problem with user register.
So problem is new user register and they can enroll course althrought dont need active account from email.
My question is: have any setting config disabled Enroll button or do not allow they access course if account is not acitve ?

Thanks so much!

Hi @sonpham,

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I hope I understand your question correctly.

As long as the course Enrollment End Date has not passed, students who have registered and activated user accounts can enroll themselves. (also the course must not be ‘By Invitation’ in Advanced Settings, but this is the default setting so don’t worry about it).

You can manually activate a user’s account via the Admin panel:

(1) Navigate to /admin (e.g.

(you must be signed into the LMS first to access this admin page.)

(2) Click Users and search for the user you want to activate then click that user.

(3) On the next page, under Permissions tick the Active box.


Common issues with user account activation: If the user has not activate their account themselves, this might be because the activation email/link went to their spam folder.

Hi, thanks for you reply.
So i will explain more:
I have test my website before public, so i was register new user.
Problem is: account after register must active from activation link in email, right ?
But my test account dont need active, i can access course and enroll when my user is not active.
So i want user must actived before enroll any course.
Hope you can understand my mean.

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Hi @Dean ,
Do you understand my problem? So i need user must actived before enroll any course.

Hi @sonpham,

Now I understand, thank you.

The first time a user registers an account, they will be able to enrol.

However, if they log out then they will not be able to log back in until they have activated their account:

You try and see. :slight_smile:

Hi @Dean ,
Thanks for your reply, but in my website, when they register, will automatic login.
Do you know what is Feature setting i need config to make user must active to login ?

Hi @sonpham,

Yes that’s normal in Open edX® (in your website and also my website) the user will automatically login when they register. After that, if at any time they sign out, then they cannot sign in again without first activating their account.

I do not know if there is a feature to stop that. Probably you need custom development for that. I’m not sure.

If you have any other questions, I would be glad to try help. :slight_smile: