/courses page not translated

Hi everyone,

I am running openedx on tutor and trying to translate it. I managed to translate the MFE apps, however now I am stuck on the local.edly.io/course page. The page has strings like:

Unlock Your Potential: Discover New Courses Today!

Explore a world of knowledge and enhance your skills with our diverse range of courses"

I tried searching for these strings but could not find them in the django.po djangojs.po files. Tried adding them and recompiling openedx but that did not help. Also searched for these strings in the whole codebase and could not find them defined anywhere?

I also inspected the html of the page and the elements are defined like this:

<div class="course-heading-area">
          <h2>Unlock Your Potential: Discover New Courses Today!</h2>
          <p>Explore a world of knowledge and enhance your skills with our diverse range of courses</p>

could not find any mentions of course-heading-area in the codebase as well. I understand the strings have to be defined somewhere so probably I am not looking in the right repositories?

I inspected edx-platform , course-discovery, frontend-platform. From my understanding it can’t be defined anywhere else?

Also checked the network tab and I don’t see anything of note there. Not sure what next steps I could take to investigate.

I understand this is the course discovery/search page and that is part of the old frontend (non MFE). If anybody has any idea why this page might be not translated please let me know. Thank you!

Found the issue, all the strings are hardcoded in tutor indigo theme repository. Will try to make changes over next few days, probably a good improvement would be to have the theme also use internationalisation instead of hardcoding.