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Dear all,

I’m trying to create a self-paced course in OpenEDX (tutor platform should that matter), which people in our organisation can do themselves at their own pace. So far, adding material such as texts and videos worked great. I’m a bit stuck at creating an exam. Basically, the course is a prerequisite for another more practical thing, therefore we want the people to not only look videos, but also proof they’ve understood it.

Based on problems I managed to get this somehow working. 5 problems, subsection mapped to grading scheme, that works fine. My questions now:

  • Each problem is shown on its own page. Is it possible to show them underneath each other?
  • I can only control that answers are shown on a per-problem base. I’d like to show answers, but only after all problems are answered
  • After all the problems are answered, I’d like to see some summary page like “congratulations, you achieved %d / 100 and passed. continue here” or instructions what to do in case the minimal percentage has not been met. How can I achieve this?

Thank you!

Hi @Wasabi, welcome to this community :slight_smile:

Yes, you can. Under your component, click “Add New Component” to add a new problem (or content) right underneath it, within the same unit.

If you’re using multiple-choice questions, you can create multiple problems within a singe component, and grade them all at once. Simply add more problems within the same component “container” by copy-pasting or reusing the same syntax:

>>Question 1 <<

( ) an incorrect answer
(x) the correct answer
( ) an incorrect answer

>>Question 2 <<

( ) an incorrect answer
(x) the correct answer
( ) an incorrect answer

>>Question 3 <<

( ) an incorrect answer
(x) the correct answer
( ) an incorrect answer

You could create a unit in a separate subsection that has a prerequisite set to it (prerequisite would be to have a passing grade in the preceding subsection).

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Thank you again for your reply! I got most of it working as I would expect, except for this one:

I’ve experimented with prerequisites. In general, that works (the page is only shown if the student passes the previous test). However:

  • Even if the student has not even attempted the test, the page itself is visible (not the content, that’s restricted, but the student can see the page). Can the page be hidden until the student attempts the test?
  • It is only possible to define min values, which means I can’t show a page if a student has failed the test. Did I miss something or is that not possible?


I don’t think you can hide a subsection, unfortunately.

Again, thank you for your help. Much appreciated!

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Hi everyone
I created an randomize exam in EDX . The questions display underneath each other and the learners should submit their answers for each question. Is it possible that the learners can see each question in a single page and after submit the answer directed to next question?

hello @hossein_karimian . welcome to the open edX community. :slight_smile:

your request has 2 parts:

Is it possible that the learners can see each question in a single page
The randomized content block component you are using is programed to draw problems at random from a library and bring them all into a single unit. you could have a sequence of multiple units, and place one randomized content block component in each, in a way that each randomized content xblocks draws only one problem from the library. this way each page would have one problem. the only downside is that there is a chance that the student gets the same question twice, especially if the number of problems in the library is small.

and after submit the answer directed to next question…
not with the functionality that is readily available, but I guess you could try to make a customization on your end to be added to each unit in the form of a javascript snippet, so that once the submission of the answer is captured, the navigation waits a few seconds and jumps to the next unit. this is technically possible, but unless you are very confident with this kind of hack, I’d advise against it.

I hope it helps

Thanks for your reply.
I have another question.
Do I upload my questions which is in docs format to library for creating exam? because now I have 100 questions and I should enter each in EDX and it is so hard and time lasting for me Do you know any solution for that?

The I can suggest to what you’re proposing, would be to create a OLX file with all your questions and compress it into a .tar.gz file.
That way, you can import this file into your library.

I’ve done something like that in the past. if the questions are not too complex and you are confortable building a script or a spreadsheet to produce the olx file it is worth the effort. Specially if the number of questions is large or if you plan on repeating the process multiple times.
I hope it helps.