Grade overview + discussion page

Hi all! I am trying to create a self-assessment course on Open edX. I have 5 sections each with a number of MCQs.

Once the learner is done with the MCQs I would like to have page thats lists how their score is in each section and provide the option to continue towards other parts of the course based on their results. How can I create such a page (or unit)?

I hope I have explained the problem clearly. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Hello @maxfischer

There isn’t a native funtionality in the platfom that will allow you to do exactly what you ask.
However, ther may be a few options you could try to leverage include third party components, for example:

  • the problem builder xblock, will allow you to publish in your unit a recap of the responses provided by the learner to questions published in previous units.
  • the flow control xblock by edunext will allow you to set a condition for the content that is published, based on the grades the learner received in a subset of previous graded problems.

perhaps with a combination of the 2 you may build a similar experience to what you are looking for. I hope it helps.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a native functionality. Also, since I am not the admin I am unable to install third party components either. I will try to rethink the structure. In any case, many thanks for you reply @juancamilom. Much appreciated!