Customizing the edX course footer

Hi guys,

I customized my footer.html in the lms/templates folder and its working fine,but when i try to view a course the footer is still unchanged.Is there another separate footer file for the courses which i have to change?

Hi Terry,
As I remember there is an “If” statement which separate 2 blocks of code in footer.html.
One is used in homepage, the other is used in course-pages.
If you tell us what you need to change exactly we may be able to help more.

@mahyard i have changed the color of the home page footer ,so i want it to be uniform with the courses-pages footer

so what if you set this CSS block:

.wrapper-footer {
    background-color: red;

also you can locate two div.wrapper-footer inside footer.html

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@mahyard thanks for helping out

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