How to modify and add a landing page other than the dashboard page

Hi Everyone,

I am using tutor for my open edx platform. I am trying to add a landing page after login. I am using “red-theme” from “edx-platform themes”. I need some help here.


Please let me know if there is any way.

Hello, If you are using tutor, there is a dedicated seciton on the doc about how to install and use themes.
Check this link Changing the appearance of Open edX — Tutor documentation
Hope that would resolve it.

Hi Ghassan,

I did go through that documentation and I have implemented theming. I don’t want to see the default ‘learner dashboard’(/dashboard) page view when I login to LMS. What I am looking for is to create a different home page which will be displayed after I login. This home page will contain a banner about the project, some theory, etc and a link to the dashboard view. Please help me with this.

What I mean is how to re-direct the learner to a separate home page after the learner login to LMS and not show the dashboard page?

Following the doc here: Creating a Theme — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform documentation
To change the dashboard you shall have it like that /my-open-edx-themes/edx-platform/my-theme/lms/templates/dashboard.html Also worth noting that since the dashboard page has its own partials you might need to include this folder or change it accordingly in your theme. Lastly refer to this thread in tutor docs it might help as well

Hi Ghassan,

Is there any way of adding a custom footer in studio(CMS) instead of the default footer for all the pages? I know that if we add a ‘footer.html’ in LMS it works but the same is not working in CMS.

The footer for CMS resides at this path cms/templates/widgets/footer.html while for LMS it’s lms/templates/footer.html
Did you follow the above structure while trying to change the CMS footer?

Thank you so much, found the file but if I add the edx footer.html in my theme directory it works but if i change some content in it i get 502 error.

Hello folks,
Hope you are doing well.

I am starting with open edX (using tutor). I’d like to redesign almost all the templates. So my concern is about how to override or to inherit from default ones and I can find different links.