Database Models (ERD and General Storage)

Good Morning team!

We are looking to see if there is a pre-made ERD for the MySQL database for Open edX?

We are working on mapping some data for downstream systems to consume and need to have a good understanding of which Database we can get the data from.

We have found most of the fields but are looking for the Unit name in the MySQL db.

Beyond the ERD diagram is there a document that describes what data is stored in each database?

This would help in our search as this may be a field that is only stored in Mongo.

Thanks in advance for your help!

People have done ERDs but I’m not sure where to find them so hopefully someone else can answer that part. But as for Unit names, I’m pretty sure those are only stored in MongoDB. You can also retrieve them from the course blocks REST API.

See also What is stored in each database?

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Recently, @e0d posted the ERD for credentials IDA and certificates tables in LMS in learner-credentials Slack channel.
As I can see, today there are described other Open edX apps, edx-platform, ecommers, part of discovery, so you may find it useful Open edX ERDs | Lucidchart


This is very useful. I don’t suppose there’s a data dictionary, or even a nascent dictionary to go along with this, or to contribute to? @e0d ?

Not currently, but we could create a documentation issue for it and break the epic into actionable work. @feanil where should such an issue live?