De-couple Open edX

Hello guys, I have checked out the Open edX platform for e-learning ,its really a good platform , But now I want to de-couple the platform into the student side and the staff studio side for purpose of integrating the platform into an ERP seamless , And it is possible to run the platform on postgresql database ,
I will be very grateful to hear from you guys thanks

Hi @kisitu_hudson - welcome to Open edX!

The LMS and Studio are already different services, and somewhat decoupled. For the integration into an ERP, there aren’t many of those available out of the box at the moment - it might depend on which ERP you would like to integrate with, but most likely you would need to add the integration yourself, or hire someone to do it for you.

For postgresql, since Open edX has been developed with MySQL, there would likely be some work required to make it compatible. There was a thread about this a few years ago on edx-code, but I don’t think anyone has actually worked on it:!topic/edx-code/Gc4ydMdocwg