Default configuration for MFE Logging

The question was asked in a previous post but hasn’t been answered. Has anyone in the community addressed it?

What would be a sensible default configuration for MFEs logging that doesn’t rely on an external service?

Ideally, the solution would meet the following requirements:

  • integrate well with tutor so we can run tutor local logs --tail=50 -f (or something similar in simplicity) to access MFE logs in production
  • have an equivalent when running tutor k8s

Are there additional requirements I haven’t listed?

So in essence, the goal is to POST browser runtime errors to the server, without using a third party service.

I don’t think its two hard to create such service, it can a simple Djnago/Node APP, which just listen to POST request from browser, which would send error data, stack, exception…etc.

However, to support that out of the box, something needs to added to frontend-platform it could for example have the following configuration:
LOCAL_LOG_SERVICE = <URL_TO_SERVER, if there is not URL, then consider it disabled…etc.

And then may a tutor plugin could be created, which would add that setting above to tutor-mfe, while creating new simple service.

Also some requirment needs to be defined, like what sort of errors, warnings the logger client service shall send to the server, is it only the uncaught errors, and another important in my opnion, what if the error contain very personal/sensetive date… which bring me to the below question

Aside from the detials technical implmentaion, my only concern would be here is that such service shall ask for end user consent first. I am not legal expert, personally I would trust the entity better if they ask me prior to collect client-side errors. A relative discussion for that: Interest in implementing a cookie consent feature?

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