Logging, analytics and MFEs?

Still trying to debut the Payment MFE with Cybersource in Lilac. With both the Native and the Tutor installations.

By default the Payment MFE uses the logging set up in frontend-platform which uses NewRelic. We do not use NewRelic. How can I change this locally for an MFE? And what service implementation are available besides New Relic?

This brings up concerns that the defaults in frontend-platform might be too edX centric.

And since all MFEs refer to frontend-platform, it might cause issues for Open edX instances that do not use New Relic for Logging or Segment for Analytics. Just 2 examples.

It’s also a case of a repo (frontend-platform) being used but not being tagged for a specific open-release. How will this allow people to make changes if they do not use the same implementations as edX.org ? Theoretical question for now.

Speaking as a small to medium operator and not being an expert developer as most people in this group, I have concerns with regards to the use and modifications of logging and analytics implementations by small or medium operators who cannot afford New Relic or Segment.

If someone has an idea how to easily change New Relic to an implementation that would log to a terminal console or a file, I am all ears. Especially without a need to reinstall the MFE. I would also gladly accept a solution if I need to reinstall the MFE.

Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.

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