Deploy and run open edX platform on a local network disconnected form the Internat

I’m trying to deploy the open edx platform on a local network server to be accessed by the users on a a local network which is going to be disconnected from the Internet.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on how to accomplish this requirement please share your thoughts or point me in the right direction.

Hi @smadi,

In order to install Open edX you will need outbound access to Internet to download all the components of the platform. However when it’s installed and running, you should not need inbound nor outbound access for operating Open edX if you don’t use any cloud service.

Keep in mind that your internal network will need to provide all the services that are usually found in the cloud. E.g., DNS and SMTP.

Thanks @Andres.Aulasneo
I will deploy the platform on a server connected to the Internet and after installing and configuring the services I will move it to the local network.
I’m using a Windows2019 server, are there any special deployment requirements or known issues? I think as long as the platform is running in docker containers it should be fine, right?

Well… I’m not sure that it will work on Windows. All tested installations run on Ubuntu 22.04LTS.

It is working now and running perfectly. Thank you @Andres.Aulasneo .
Regarding SMTP, if I need to use the internal outlook email service in the platform in student registration and email communication, do I have to change the code, or is this configurable?

Great to know that it worked!

To set up email, use the following Tutor variables to let Open edX connect to your SMTP server:

  • RUN_SMTP: false

Thanks @Andres.Aulasneo, you’ve helped a lot.
I’ll try to set it up and let you know how it goes.