Installing Tutor

I am very new to open Edex and I tried installing it after several trials. I think I eventually got it installed on an ubuntu server vm hosted on windows 10 os.

I am confused how to run open edex service on the browser. when I start the app with # tutor local start, the process starts and may services shows “done” , It however doesnt return to the linux command prompt as it just shows a lot of logs …smtp_1…redis_1 bla bla bla…

I can connect to my vm using its IP but I dont know what to type to run open edex on the hosting windows. i tried http: and nothing shows
when I run # docker ps on my vm server, these process are running
4 overhangio/openedex:14.0.2
elasticsearch:7.10.0 runing
redis runing
mongo running
caddy running on port 80
mysql runing
devture/exin-relay runing

please kindly assist. How do I browse open edex, how do I know the service that are runinig


You need to add -d at the end for deattach mode


You can find the URL of the instance you installed by running the command:

tutor config printvalue LMS_HOST

This will tell you what the LMS host is. You mentioned that tutor is running inside a VM so you may need to setup DNS entries on your Windows host to point to the IP address of your VM.

Thank you so much for your response. I ran tutor config printvalue LMS_HOST it showed which I tried to type on my windows browser and it did not do anything.

I pointed it to the ip on the linux vm on the windows etc/hosts file like this and it still did not show any result. I can ping from my windows machine. When I type alone it just shows a blank page.

All the service below ran when I did tutor local start -d

starting tutor_local_mongodb-permissions_1 … done
starting tutor_local_mysql_1 … done
starting tutor_local_cms-permission_1 … done
starting tutor_local_smtp_1 … done
starting tutor_local_mfe_1 … done
starting tutor_local_elasticsearch-permission_1 … done
starting tutor_local_redis-permission_1 … done
starting tutor_local_caddy_1 … done
starting tutor_local_lms-permission_1 … done
starting tutor_local_mongodb_1 … done
starting tutor_local_redis_1 … done
starting tutor_local_elasticsearch_1 … done
starting tutor_local_lms_1 … done
starting tutor_local_cms_1 … done
starting tutor_local_lms-worker_1 … done
starting tutor_local_csm-worker_1 … done