Deploying Profile MFE on Juniper Instance

I’m trying to run the profile MFE on a running Juniper instance using the role from this PR.

I cherry-picked the commits into the local configuration repo, then I run the role (had to add a handlers folder for reload nginx) and then I configured the LMS as described in the PR. When I go to the profile page I get successfully redirected to the right URL but then I get this error:

Looking at the LMS log I see:
[service_variant=lms][edx_rest_framework_extensions.auth.jwt.middleware][env:sandbox] WARNING [ip-172-31-16-169 3554] [user 12] [] - Both JWT auth cookies missing. JWT auth cookies will not be reconstituted.

I’m not quite sure what to check in my JWT configuration, any pointers would be much appreciated :smiley:!

(pinging you in case you’ve come across this @morenol)

Hi @BbrSofiane,

I think that you can solve that by enabling the CONFIGURE_JWTS configuration in order to generate the JWT settings automatically for you in the deployment of edxapp.

That is enabled in the native installation playbook, so I guess that it should work:

In the past, when I was not using the native installation I was able to generate the JWT configurations using a lms command:

python lms generate_jwt_signing_key

The output of that command should generate the missing configurations i.e. EDXAPP_JWT_SIGNING_ALGORITHM, COMMON_JWT_PUBLIC_SIGNING_JWK_SET and EDXAPP_JWT_PRIVATE_SIGNING_JWK. But I guess that with the CONFIGURE_JWT configuration that would not be necessary.

Once you add that configurations to your variables I think that with a deployment to edxapp, your problem should be solved. Let me know if that works

I had a look and my JWT was configured as expected from the default install script. I had another instance on the same domain and I think that was interfering. I tried it with that other instance and it works fine.

Thanks for the work on the deployment script! It was effortless to use. :+1: