Retirement username variables in Juniper alpha1

Thanks for the update @nedbat.

While testing configuration/juniper.alpha1 deployment I got this error. Can we apply this fix from upstream?

Except from this already fixed issue, Juniper alpha1 base installation is running well. Great job!

Are other people seeing this error? It would be great if the Prospectus installation wasn’t mixed into the Open edX installation in the first place, but I know the playbooks are hard to keep clean.

Not on my side. I don’t even know what Prospectus is and what role it plays in the Open edX environment.

Prospectus is’s closed-source marketing front-end. It won’t be installed, but it seems like there are installation errors due to a few settings in the playbooks?

Thanks Ned. I didn’t know it had a proper name :grinning:

I just tried an installation of open-release/juniper.alpha1, and it completed successfully. @toxinu can you share the details of your failure?

I just double checked and I linked to the wrong PR, I was referring to this one. Sorry about that.

And this is the error I encountered before cherry-picking above commit (striped for a better reading):

TASK [oauth_client_setup : Create OAuth2 django-oauth-toolkit Backend Service Applications]
failed: (item={
    u'username': u'None',
    u'backend_service_secret': u'[striped data]',
    u'name': u'retirement-service',
    u'backend_service_id': u'[striped data]'}
    ) => {
        "changed": true,
        "cmd": "/edx/bin/python.edxapp /edx/bin/manage.edxapp lms --settings=production create_dot_application --grant-type client-credentials --client-id [striped data] --client-secret [striped data] --scopes user_id --update retirement-service-backend-service None",
        "delta": "0:00:09.772101",
        "end": "2020-02-03 10:47:07.441994",
        "item": {
            "backend_service_id": "[striped data]",
            "backend_service_secret": "[striped data]",
            "name": "retirement-service",
            "username": "None"
    django.contrib.auth.models.DoesNotExist: User matching query does not exist.

I don’t understand why you are getting an error when I do not. I’m using the open-release/juniper.alpha1 branch in the edx organization repos. Are you using something even slightly different?

I am using both open-release/juniper.alpha1 from edx-platform and configuration repositories. The only difference is the configuration one in which I have cherry-picked the fix I mentioned above.

My guess is that you need to enable COMMON_RETIREMENT_SERVICE_SETUP to encounter this error.

Do you mind providing the complete details of how I can reproduce the problem? Exactly what variables have you set, and how?

This is the retirement configuration while running openedx_native.yml playbook (from this branch, based on open-release/juniper.alpha1) on a freshly installed vm.


As you can see the default username for retirement user use EDXAPP_RETIREMENT_SERVICE_WORKER_USERNAME which have no reference in any place in the configuration repository because there is a mismatch with EDXAPP_RETIREMENT_SERVICE_USER_NAME variable. I think this is why this MR has been merged. Hopefully all these details should have been provided in the MR description to provide some context.

I hope that I gave you enough details. Thanks for your time @nedbat :raised_hands:

PS: Just to be cleared in case I am not. This is not related to prospectus, actually this is a bug which have been fixed in master and we need this fix in juniper.alpha1 branch too.

OK, thanks for the clarification. I’ve cherry-picked the fix onto open-release/juniper.alpha1.

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