Deprecation/Removal: Bok-Choy Test Suites & Framework

Hello all!

We are proposing the removal all remaining bok-choy test suites, all tooling code supporting bok-choy test suites, and the bok-choy test framework itself. For details, please see DEPR-174, which will track this deprecation and removal.

Do you or someone you know depend on a bok-choy test suite? Can you forsee any issues with this deprecation plan? Please let us know below! If there are no blocking concerns by Friday, February 18, 2022, then this deprecation will be considered Accepted.

Acceptance of this deprecation will indicate consensus that the remaining bok-choy tests as well as bok-choy itself should and will be removed. Before code removal progresses, though, 2U has requested that we wait until they have stopped running the bok-choy tests in edx-e2e-tests, ecommerce, and any other repository. That work is already in progress on their end.


Great! Go for it!

I used to liked the idea of having bokchoy tests, but after spending enough human and CI server time, I think they add a net negative value – thanks to @thraxil for advocating against having them.

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No concerns have been raised on the GitHub issue, the DEPR ticket in Jira, or the deprecation announcement on the forums, so Bok-Choy is now officially deprecated! A notice has been added to the repository’s README and ReadTheDocs page (the ReadTheDocs notice may take some time to manifest).