Deprecation/Removal: Ecommerce service (DEPR #22)

That’s correct, @michael. Pluggability is something we’re hoping will make adding payment processors easier in the future.

Thank you!

Hi all,

this is a small update on ecommerce deprecation. We continue to build the prototype and Coordinator plugins in the public edx/commerce-coordinator repo on GitHub.

Hello everybody! Apologies again for our absence from the airwaves. Here is our update for October and November:

  • We just wrapped up a high-priority project to change our default payment processor from Cybersource to Stripe. This project upgrades the existing Stripe payment processor in ecommerce to support Stripe payment intents and makes it compatible with frontend-app-payment. It is now in master.

  • We have not made further progress on the Commerce Coordinator or the Ecommerce Replacement Project since the last time we posted about it.

  • We can now share that we picked an internal vendor to be the backend of our order management system. While this means other community members will not have access to integrate with the same internal vendor, we will continue to brainstorm ways to make the Coordinator useful for the Open edX community.

  • Right now we are picking it up again and are working on the open source strategy for the Theseus project and being intentional about working with the community on this.

  • We’re excited to welcome @grmartin, who together with myself (@pshiu) will serve as the the Open edX community’s technical points of contact for the Ecommerce Replacement Project.

  • We are still looking for a maintainer for our old ecommerce repository. Please let us know if you are interested or know someone who might be.

  • The Open edX Slack channels are being cleaned up, and we will fold the existing #commerce-coordinator Slack channel into the #ecommerce channel.

  • We plan to have a virtual ecommerce summit before the end of 2022. We hope to post more information about this soon.

While we will continue to watch this thread, the quickest way to reach us is via the #ecommerce channel on Slack. Hope to see you there.


Thanks for this update @pshiu!

This means that Stripe payment is now supported in Ecommerce, right? Are there any further instructions for connecting with Stripe other than modifying the settings, as indicated here? Payment Processors — E-Commerce Service 0.1 documentation

Also, is Stripe payment now supported in Olive? I would be great if it were.

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Hi @regis! Thanks for the questions.

Work on the documentation is scheduled for our upcoming sprint. We hope to have better documentation on Stripe in the future.

Olive was cut before our Stripe upgrades were completed. I am not very familiar with BTR’s process, so I assume we must wait until Palm to see Stripe in an Open edX release.

Honestly, having the Stripe upgrades arrive in Palm might be best, because it’ll allow us more time to do the documentation you mentioned above, do some clean up before the release, and get the word out to operators who may be running the old Stripe payment processor.


We have just announced an info session about ecommerce deprecation and replacement.

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Thanks @pshiu ! I’m just looking for a clarification on:

Does the intended setup look like this:

(InternalVendor) <-> (CommerceCoordinator) <-> (LMS/CMS)

or this:

(InternalVendor) <-> (LMS/CMS)
                (CommerceCoordinator) <-> ???


Put another way: Will 2U use Commerce Coordinator, and if so, where does it sit in the architecture?

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Hey Kyle,

Your first diagram is our plan!

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Our team held an info session on ecommerce deprecation. Please find materials from the session in this post.

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Hi all,

here is our winter update:

  • Our current focus: Documenting the commerce-related API calls between Open edX services, working on basic purchases & payments in ecommerce & frontend-app-payment.

  • Next info session: our quarterly Ecommerce info session will be postponed from March to April due to the scheduling conflict with the Open edX conference. If you are attending, come find Glenn and Phil there. We will announce date of the info session in April as soon as we can.

Thanks for the update @nberdnikov!

Can you provide a link to where this documentation will be published?

Yes! We just published it, here’s a post with all the information:

Thanks @pshiu, but I’m not finding the ecommerce-related API call documentation there, just Stripe related links. Am I missing something?

Hi @michael,

Sorry about that! I meant to reply to Régis’ post, not yours. That documentation is not out yet. Will correct in follow-up post below.


@regis, we just updated our documentation, please see below post:


We have just announced our next Info Session, see details in this post:

what about ecomerece

Materials from the latest Info Session held on 4/26/2023 are available here.

Hi all, I am excited to announce our next info session, please find details here: Ecommerce Next Steps Update - Info Session in August 2023

Slides and recording from the August 9 session are now available: in this post.

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