Deprecation/Removal: Library Authoring MFE frontend-app-library-authoring#439

Hi there,

We plan to deprecate and remove frontend-app-library-authoring, the Library Authoring MFE.


frontend-app-library-authoring is a minimal frontend app for editing “v2” content libraries. It was never included by default in any Open edX release, and was only usable on instances that specifically installed it and its related plugins. The entire UI for editing content libraries is being re-imagined as part of the “Content Libraries Relaunch” project, and a complete replacement UI with far more functionality is being developed in the Course Authoring MFE.

Please read frontend-app-library-authoring#439 for more information and to post any questions/comments. The proposed deadline for comments before acceptance is June 24.

Once the ticket is accepted, the repo will not be deleted but the master branch of edx-platform will drop support for it at some time between now and the Sumac release. If you believe that this MFE is valuable and wish to make a case for retaining it and taking over its maintainership, please speak up on the issue linked above.

After acceptance, all future notifications around removal will only be posted to the GitHub issue, so be sure to watch that issue if you want further updates.