Current state of Content Libraries v2 (with Blockstore) and frontend-app-library-authoring

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So this is somewhat related to this post:

… but I figure it probably warrants a separate topic/thread. :slight_smile:

In the aforementioned talk, @braden briefly mentions (near the very end, link with timestamp: Building with Blockstore - How OpenCraft Developed LabXchange Using Open edX by Braden MacDonald - YouTube) the frontend-app-library-authoring MFE which would help course authors build Blockstore-based v2 content libraries. (To the best of my knowledge that is the only such MFE within Open edX; I do understand LabXchange uses something different to build libraries — if there are any other development efforts around v2 library authoring, do let me know!)

So, my question is: what’s the current state, and the agreed way forward for that MFE, and for v2 content libraries in general?

Looking at the commit history that repo hasn’t seen updates in a few months — which, I speculate, might be somewhat related to @arbrandes possibly having his hands uber-full with the BTR and community bits. :slight_smile:

So, I figured I’d ask here: will work on that MFE be picked up again for a potential inclusion in Maple? Is there an alternate approach being discussed for v2 content libraries? Has the future of Blockstore changed?

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You got the gist, but in reality it was the other way around: I found time to get involved with the release group because work on Libraries v2 paused. :slight_smile:

The short answer is yes, work on frontend-app-library-authoring will pick back up in the coming weeks, targetting inclusion in Maple. Like before, it’s work that edX will fund and Opencraft will execute.

In addition, some closely related work is already in progress and being funded by MIT: integrating LTI 1.3 with content libraries. Its authoring experience is supposed to be via the library authoring MFE.

Which is to say, the plans for blockstore haven’t changed since last year - they had just been pushed back.

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Fair. :slight_smile:

Roger that, thank you!

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