Deprecation/Removal of edx-jsme, Molecular Structure Problem type

edx-jsme is an XBlock* for the edX platform which provides a new problem type: ‘Molecular Structure’. This problem type integrates the JSME molecule editor seamlessly into an edX course.

The Molecular Structure Problem type was only ever used by one course on and the original authors of the xBlock are not available to upgrade it. It has not been updated to work with django 3.2 so may no longer be functional in the maple release of open edX.

We are targeting removal after 2022 March 31. Deprecation will be noted in the nutmeg release and the code will be removed in the olive release.

Please read [DEPR]: Remove edx-jsme, Molecular Structure Problem type for more information and to post any questions/comments. The proposed deadline for comments before acceptance is 2022 March 30.

*note – it’s not actually an xBlock, even though it claims to be, which explains why it requires a DEPR process rather than simply marking it as an unsupported xBlock.


FYI @marcotuts, @doctoryes, @chaugh