Deprecation/Removal: MATLAB-specific handling in edx-platform

I’d like to remove the special handling for MATLAB in edx-platform, since it is my understanding that this doesn’t actually work any longer anyway, and LTI is the accepted way to integrate MATLAB content these days:

If this older style of xqueue-based MATLAB integration is still working for you, please let me know. My understanding at the moment is that it’s been broken for quite some time. The proposed comments deadline is 2023-05-24.

Thank you.


As someone who has a course that teaches MATLAB, I am 100% fine with this getting removed. Mathworks wasn’t even encouraging us to use it 4 years ago when the course launched.


I’m fine with this - MITs current MOOC and Residential catalogs only use the LTI.

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Pasting this Slack thread comment from @jkotwick for additional context:

MathWorks stopped issuing API keys for automated assessment in MATLAB several years ago when we released a new LTI-based tool. Anyone interested in using the LTI functionality can still use the email address to contact MathWorks. The older API setting in the edX Studio UI remained to handle legacy courses as they made the conversation. I can confirm that there are no longer any courses that still use this functionality and it can safely be removed.

This DEPR has been moved to “Accepted”.