Deprecation/Removal: Paver

I am proposing to remove all “paver” build tooling from edx-platform between the Redwood and Sumac releases. This will impact developers using a fork of Devstack, and site operators who aren’t using Tutor (as Tutor hides paver commands from you). If that describes you, please take a look and let me know your questions and concerns.

This will streamline our tooling and allow us to make our Docker images more efficient. If there are no blocking concerns, this will be accepted on Tuesday 21 May 2024


+1 but I don’t think this goes far enough :stuck_out_tongue: I want to seriously suggest that for Sumac we aim to have an option to build+run Open edX with no frontend files in the edx-platform at all. As I mentioned in this post:

I commented out the 14 commands in Tutor’s openedx Dockerfile that are related to static assets or Node.js, and the time it takes for tutor images build openedx dropped from 10 minutes to 30 seconds. And it runs fine, and works well with the MFEs - the main missing piece is that XBlocks cannot render in the learner MFE without the iframes/assets from the LMS. So it’s not quite usable yet. But, if we can solve that one thing (rendering XBlocks) and probably also implement the Instructor Dashboard in an MFE, then I think we can start to offer a “no legacy UI” build of Tutor Nightly that has all that stuff disabled and builds the platform much much faster.


Interesting! I replied over in the thread you linked.

Please note, I have updated the Django settings section of the DEPR ticket to clarify that we will also be removing the STATIC_ROOT_BASE Django setting.

This has been Accepted. Paver commands will be removed between now and the Sumac cutoff. Follow the linked DEPR issue for details.