Deprecation/Removal: Verification deadline from Publisher and Ecommerce


There is a plan to remove the verification deadline creation and population from edX publisher, and to remove the verification deadline model field from ecommerce.
Does anyone in the openedx community use these data fields and the associated functionality?

We plan to keep the edx-platform VerificationDeadline model intact to ensure if you only use edx-platform, and not ecommerce nor publisher, you are not impacted by this change.

Please let us know if you have trouble with this plan

@giovannicimolin and @sambapete Just want to tag you in case this affect you at all.

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We do use the verification deadline for our verified certificates right now. Unfortunately, we are currently stuck at Koa because the Payment MFE does not support our payment processor (Paysafe) at this time.

What would be really interesting is seeing all these changes to the verification process combined with the future of ecommerce to see how this would affect certificates and verification post Maple and even post Nutmeg and post Olive. Is there a roadmap?

Hi Pierre,

Yes, we are currently working on getting an Open edX Roadmap up and running, to provide insight into all in-progress (and wishlist) work that touches Open edX. It’s still very much a work-in-progress. There are a few placeholder tickets related to the future of ecommerce, to be fleshed out as soon as we have more details. Open edX Roadmap · GitHub

Hi Jenna,


I had already taken a look at the Roadmap when you shared it two weeks ago at the contributors meeting.

I haven’t had time to review everything with regards to ecommerce or the identity / verification process.

I am just concerned about what changes will be put in place for the identity / verification process while the current ecommerce is still in place and then after a new ecommerce will be put in place or chosen by the community.

@schenedx generally tags me on certificates related topics because we do use verified certificates and honor certificates in our Open edX instance. We’re still on Koa and we still use PDF certificates. We know we will have to move to HTML certificates when we are able to migrate to Lilac or Maple. We have started to look at them. We should be able to switch to HMTL certificates even before we find a solution to our payment processor issue (the Payment MFE doesn’t currently support our payment processor).

You got a great question here and it forces us to list out our plan on IDV for the foreseeable future:

  1. Introduce Name Affirmation using IDV (Already done)
  2. Disable IDV on (Just rolled out)
  3. Deprecate IDV verification deadline field on ecommerce(this topic)
  4. Standardize IDV integration (LTI?)

Please note, we are no longer thinking about deprecating IDV as a whole. We want to move ID Verification forward on edx-platform.

I got a question for you. I know you use ID Verification in your openedx instance, do you use the VerificationDeadline functionality? Do you use that functionality from your ecommerce service? If you do, can you tell me if you setup the course on ecommerce with the verification deadline? If you do all of that, I can see why you have trouble with me proposing this deprecation

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The answer is yes. We do use the functionality straight from ecommerce when we create the course in ecommerce through the Course Administration Page.

Sorry @schenedx :cry:

@sambapete Ah… That explains. Again, IDV on edx-platform is not going away. We use it for name affirmation. It could be as 2U, we just use less of it ourselves. Or create new code to satisfy our own needs, while keeping the existing solution largely untouched. It would be up to TCRIL to guide us on how to standardize in this area.

With your feedback, I am willing to brush aside the deprecation of Verification Deadline field for now.

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