Deprecation/Removal: ID Verification flow in edx-platform

Hi all, we in the Program theme is planning to deprecate and remove the UI and its related views and URLs associated with the ID verification flow within edx-platform.
This means:

We are targeting the removal before Nov 20th.

The reason we are removing the flow is because edX have a new flow developed in frontend-app-account to replace the UI of the flow.

Please read for further dialog and comments

Great news, thanks!

Am I right that deprecated code would be removed from the codebase in the Koa release?

The Koa release branch will be created on Nov 9th. That means when the deprecate merges into master branch, it will need to be cherrypicked to get into Koa release.

I am trying to get this deprecation into Koa release, but I cannot promise that will happen.

@schenedx Can we avoid cherry picking this deprecation removal into Koa?

We still don’t have a good way of theming MFEs and instances that rely on this feature will be stuck with the edX-branded MFE.

Also, MFEs will not be enabled by default on Koa, leaving users without an out-of-the-box option for ID verification. CC @nedbat

Sounds like we need a closer discussion of what this deprecation means.


Will this be forcing us to use a different user validation method in Open edX starting with Koa? Maybe we need a new process to remove / deprecate something from edX that does not immediately impact Open edX? Especially with the new 6 months between releases. In that case, especially since theming won’t be easily available for MFEs with Koa, I believe the Open edX community needs more time to adapt than the regular DEPR process.

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@sambapete and @giovannicimolin
This is exactly what I want to hear. I need to know what ID Verification means to our openedx community and you clearly knows about this in more detail.
Therefore, can you please help me by describing to me:

  1. What are you using ID Verification for? What is the business purpose?
  2. Are you using the same IDProbe backend or a different Verification provider?
  3. If we deprecate this functionality on edx-platform, can you think of alternative method to verify learners?
  4. If will no longer offer ID Verification functionality on edx-platform codebase, what you think is a solution to help the community make the transition?

In our case at EDUlib.

  1. We use ID Verification to check the identity of users trying to buy a certificate for a course. As we have our own fork, we intercept the calls to Software Secure and do our own manual verifications.
  2. Different verification provider (ourselves). We modified a few lines of code in order to send the photographs to one of our own S3 buckets and we have a few manual scripts to run in order to check the photographs. We do not keep the photographs after verification. We have been doing this for at least a few releases.
  3. Not at this time…
  4. We would need more time to think about it and a month before the release of Koa is too short notice for us.

As a matter of fact, we made very slight modifications to


in order to emulate what was done for SoftwareSecurePhotoVerification.

We wanted to make as minimal changes as we could but still being able to implement some kind of ID Verification based on the process edX was using at the time.

You can check our modifications in

As I said earlier, we also developed manual scripts to fetch the photographs from our S3 buckets that we can use to manually verify the identity of users.

We did not want to reinvent the wheel.

Changing the process now would be reinventing the wheel on short notice for Koa.

@schenedx I’m off for the next two weeks, so I won’t be able to reply in the Koa deadline.
@guruprasad If you have some free time on your sprint, can you reply here?