Deprecation: xqueue / xqueue-watcher

Hi there,

We plan to deprecate xqueue / xqueue-watcher.

Please read [DEPR]: xqueue and xqueue-watcher · Issue #214 · openedx/public-engineering · GitHub for more information and to post any questions/comments. The proposed deadline for comments before acceptance is 2023-08-31.

Once the ticket is accepted, removal can happen. If you believe that the service should receive a more generic replacement please make a suggestion on the issue linked above.

After acceptance, all future notifications around removal will only be posted to the GitHub issue, so be sure to watch that issue if you want further updates.



There are a handful of active courses on that use this… has deprecation been discussed with edx?

@shellyu, @Leangseu_Kim works at edx/2U and proposed the deprecation so I’m assuming that they have an internal plan to move their systems away from xqueue/xqueue-watcher.

Chiming in here since I believe the deadline for acceptance is in two days. Though my knowledge of xqueue and xqueue watcher is limited to what I have skimmed in here, the 2U SRE team would like to help advocate for the replacement of all roles in including and

It’s my understanding that relies on xqueue for grading of multiple courses and that multiple partners run instances of xqueue-watcher, so creating a migration plan/guide to enable to migrate those grading flows over to LTI, Codio, or Vocareum would likely be a prerequisite of us being able to shut down our instance of the xqueue Django service.

I also believe GitHub - overhangio/tutor-xqueue: Xqueue plugin for Tutor, which is hosted by @regis from OverhangIO may implicitly depend on GitHub - openedx/xqueue: XQueue defines an interface for the LMS to communicate with external grader services. (see given that it may be helpful to ask who is using that plugin in production or to better understand if anyone has used both the plugin and some form of LTI graders.