Devstack installation failed for juniper master

I’m trying to install devstack juniper-master & while provisioning lms I’m getting following error:

ERROR: Package ‘setuptools-scm’ requires a different Python: 3.5.2 not in ‘>=3.6’

Problem was occurring due to git+
Bridgekeeper from Edx-platform => Requirements => edx => development.txt (line no. 41)

After removing this line provisioning was successful and platform started normally. But I’m not sure what side effects it may cause in future. For now platform is running fine.

I guess it would cause some issues as bridgekeeper has been used in edx-platform for permission and access.

You are right about the behavior that it is causing issue due to bridgekeeper as bridgekeeper is trying to install setuptools_scm as its dependency.

For the same I have written one post, you can refer it:

Ohh thank you… That’s great help